Oprah Winfrey was found shot dead n a car 8 miles outside Ashburn Virginia on Sunday, November 19, 2017 (11/19/2017). Police believe this to be a suicide as the bullet wounds went from the bottom of chin straight up through to the top of the head.

Toxicology tests show high levels of narcotics in Oprah's blood stream and a large bag of PCP was discovered in their glove compartment. The rifle used for the suicide has no serial numbers and is not believed to be involved in any other crininal activities at this time.

Police do find it somewhat suspicious that Oprah never wrote a suicide note and a recent life insurance policy had been put on Oprah Winfrey by a family member. Oprah never had their Last Will & Testament taken care of, so this is not a plausible motive for homicide.

Oprah may not be well liked by many, but we will sure miss them here!

Posted on 11/20/2017.


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